Provincial Coach Update – November 2021

The following is a brief description and the updated projected timeline of availability for the Provincial Coach pathway components: Descriptions: Pre-Course Modules: The pre-course modules will consist of technical content in the form of videos from established coaches on identified elements within the Train-to-Train stage of development. Candidates will work through the videos and record […]

STAR 1-4 Event Assessor Pre-Course Requirements

Individuals pursuing the STAR 1-4 Event Assessor Pathway must complete the following prior to attending the STAR 1-4 Event Assessor Training (in-person or virtual). Code of Ethics: Officials (eLearning) STAR 1-5 Coach Assessor Training (eLearning)* or the STAR 1-4 Event Assessor Technical Training (not yet available) STAR 1-4 Event Assessor Pre-Course Knowledge Check (eLearning) *STAR […]

Provincial Coach Accreditation for Sectional Championships

For the current 2021-2022 competitive season, the following NCCP statuses in the Locker will be accepted for accreditation purposes of pre-novice events at Sectional Championships: Provincial Coach in-training Provincial Coach trained Provincial Coach certified Regional Coach certified and completion completion of the multi-sport modules as listed on the Provincial Coach pathway. These temporary permissions are in place […]

Virtual/On-Line Coaching Overview

Delivery Guidelines Introduction: Skate Canada continuously evolves the coaching practice in support of skater development and to enhance overall sport participation. A recent survey to coaches indicated that virtual/on-line training this past season benefitted the overall fitness growth of skaters and better prepared them for on-ice training demands. While it is a personal decision and […]

ISU Updates for the 2021-2022 Season

The ISU Technical Panel Handbooks for Singles and Pairs are now available on the ISU website: Technical Panel Handbook Singles Skating 2021-2022 Technical Panel Handbook Pairs Skating 2021-2022 The ISU Technical Panel and Referee Handbooks for Synchronized Skating are now available on the ISU website: Technical Panel Handbook Synchronized Skating 2021-2022 Referee Handbook Synchronized Skating 2021-2022 ISU […]