CanPowerSkate Coach Reminder (NCCP)

The CanPowerSkate pathway follows the same structure as other Skate Canada NCCP pathways.  With In-training, Trained, and Certified steps, coaches are supported in both program delivery and coach development. All coach achievements in CanPowerSkate will be recorded and tracked in the Locker. As Skate Canada strategically plans for the next quadrennial, coaches delivering the CanPowerSkate […]

National Skater Survey on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Skating

Two national research surveys on equity, diversity, and inclusion experiences in skating are being undertaken by lead researcher Dr. Tina Chen (Distinguished Professor, University of Manitoba), with research support by the Centre for Social Sciences Research and Policy at the University of Manitoba. The purpose of the surveys is: to document the experiences of all […]

STAR 1-4 Event Official Pre-Course Requirements

Individuals pursuing the STAR 1-4 Event Official Pathway must complete the following prior to attending the STAR 1-4 Event Official Training (in-person or virtual). Code of Ethics: Officials (eLearning) STAR 1-5 Coach Assessor Training (eLearning)* or the STAR 1-4 Event Official Training (not yet available) STAR 1-4 Event Official Pre-Course Knowledge Check (Available on eLearning […]

Provincial Coach Accreditation for Sectional Championships

For the current 2021-2022 competitive season, the following NCCP statuses in the Locker will be accepted for accreditation purposes of pre-novice events at Sectional Championships: Provincial Coach in-training Provincial Coach trained Provincial Coach certified Regional Coach certified and completion completion of the multi-sport modules as listed on the Provincial Coach pathway. These temporary permissions are in place […]

Virtual/On-Line Coaching Overview

Delivery Guidelines Introduction: Skate Canada continuously evolves the coaching practice in support of skater development and to enhance overall sport participation. A recent survey to coaches indicated that virtual/on-line training this past season benefitted the overall fitness growth of skaters and better prepared them for on-ice training demands. While it is a personal decision and […]