STAR 1-4 Event Official Pre-Course Requirements

Individuals pursuing the STAR 1-4 Event Official Pathway must complete the following prior to attending the STAR 1-4 Event Official Training (in-person or virtual).

*STAR 1-5 Coach Assessor Training Pre-Course Requirements

The STAR 1-4 Event Official Pre-Course online training is in development and will be available in 2022. In the interim, individuals must complete the STAR 1-5 Coach Assessor Training as the eLearning pre-requisite. This online training will provide individuals with the fundamental technical knowledge needed to officiate within STAR 1-4 events. Information will include an introduction to element identification, the standards of assessment, mandatory requirements, program component criteria, etc.

Note: STAR 1-4 events use the same assessment standards as the STAR 1-4 assessments. As the STAR 1-5 Coach Assessor Training was written for coaches and assessment purposes, the language throughout refers to STAR 1-5 assessments and coach assessors. The information captured in this training provides STAR 1-4 event officials with the knowledge of all disciplines at these levels. Many aspects of the assessments for each discipline are also utilized in the competitive environment. For example, information presented in the Skills discipline will be useful for STAR 1-4 event officials in the assessment of step sequences, transitions, field moves and overall skating skills. Due to the differences between the assessment and event process, other discrepancies may appear. For example, in Freeskate programs for assessment, coach assessors do not always assess each element. In the event process, each element in a program receives an assessment that contributes to the overall rating. These discrepancies will be reviewed during the in-person/virtual course.

Individuals are encouraged to complete the entire course, however the following sections of the STAR 1-5 Coach Assessor Training are mandatory. Passing of the exam is not required.

Note: Professional Development points for coaches will only be awarded when the entire STAR1-5 Coach Assessor Training, including the exam, has been completed.

For individuals who completed this course prior to December 2020, the information contained has been updated therefore it is recommended that the course be revisited.