Challenge 2020 Communication #1

During manual verification of Junior Rhythm Dance results, it was discovered that the base values for the following elements were not revised for the 2019/2020 season. NtMiSt3 from 7.45 to 7.70 NtMiSt4 from 7.95 to 8.45 As this was discovered during the event, teams that had this element identified at either of these levels will […]

Club and Skating School Music Use

Entandem is a joint venture between Re:Sound and SOCAN, created to simplify the music licensing process.   Skate Canada has negotiated reduced rates for all Skate Canada Clubs and Skating Schools for music use during regular sessions.  Clubs and schools are invoiced directly by Skate Canada through annual registration, which Skate Canada remits to each of these organizations.  Club and skating school fees are […]

STAR 6 – Gold Coach Assessor: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This article contains frequently asked questions about becoming a STAR 6 – Gold Coach Assessor for Skills. Coaches who are interested in earning this qualification should contact their Section directly to request the application process. What is the process to become a Coach Assessor? Who can a Coach Assessor assess? Coach Assessors may only assess […]