STAR 6 – Gold Coach Assessor: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This article contains frequently asked questions about becoming a STAR 6 – Gold Coach Assessor for Skills. Coaches who are interested in earning this qualification should contact their Section directly to request the application process.

What is the process to become a Coach Assessor?

Who can a Coach Assessor assess?

Coach Assessors may only assess their own skaters in STAR 6 – Gold in the discipline of Skills. In a team coaching environment, the Coach Assessor must be actively coaching the skater in the Skills discipline in order to assess them. 

Does a coach have the choice to become a Skills Coach Assessor?

Yes, this is not a mandatory role for coaches. The purpose of allowing coaches this option is to remove barriers for progression. Skaters will have the opportunity to be assessed when ready, regardless of geographical location. Skills has also been identified as the most important discipline, as it supports all other disciplines.

How long will it take to become a Coach Assessor?

The amount of time will be directly dependant on the opportunities available in the Section, as well as the ability to show competency. Regardless of the length of time, coaches can still teach and develop Skills at all levels. Skaters can be assessed by a Qualified Evaluator or wait until their coach is qualified. Once qualified, coaches can assess at any time and frequency.

What is the online training to become a Skills Coach Assessor?

The online training will consist of the following courses:

  • STAR 6-Gold Training: Introduction
  • STAR 6-Gold Training: Skills

Completion of these modules is only a portion of the Coach Assessor pathway. Upon completion of these modules, Coach Assessor Candidates need to complete a Mentored Assessment with a qualified Evaluator/Coach Assessor Mentor. This process is managed by the Sections.

Can a Coach assess STAR 6-Gold Skills after they have completed the online training?

No, coaches must complete the entire Skills Coach Assessor Training pathway successfully. Prior to being qualified to assess Skills, the Skills Coach Assessor Qualification must be present in the Skate Canada database.  

What is the purpose of the online training?

The purpose of the online training modules and exams is to educate and train coaches and evaluators on the content, format and logistical nature of the STAR 6-Gold Assessments.

What is the Mentored Assessment?

The mentored assessment is an opportunity to confirm knowledge, understanding and the soft skills needed to perform the role of Coach Assessor. This assessment will take place during an assessment day or session and will be completed under the supervision of a Mentor, assigned by the Section. The Mentor and Coach Assessor will then debrief and create an action plan as needed. Successful Coach Assessors will then be able to apply through their Section for their qualified status in the Skills discipline.

When will a coach be able to complete the mentored assessment?

Each Section is managing the mentored assessment step of the pathway. Please connect with your Section for the logistics of this step.

What if a Coach Assessor does not feel comfortable evaluating up to the Gold level?

Once qualified, a Coach Assessor may self-declare up to the level they are comfortable with. For higher assessments, Coaches may use an evaluator to assess and must arrange this as they would other assessments.

Do coaches who are not interested in becoming a Coach Assessor need to take the online training and pass the exams?

No. All coaches teaching skills in STAR 6-Gold are encouraged to do the training provided to support knowledge and understanding of the content as well as assessment structure and assessment standards. The exam is not mandatory; however, a certificate of completion will not be generated until the exam is completed successfully.