ISU Communication 2371

The ISU has published Communication 2371 which contains important technical information for Ice Dance related to the following and to take effect for the 2021-2022 Season: Pattern Dances for International Competition Music Requirements for Pattern Dances for International Competitions Rhythms or themes, Required Elements (including Key Points and Key Point Features for Pattern Dance Elements) and guidelines […]

ISU Updates for the 2020-2021 Season

Please note the following documents from the ISU for the 2020-2021 season: Communication #2253 – Scale of Values Singles and Pairs *2019-2020 communication remains in effect Communication #2256 – Scale of Values Ice Dance *2019-2020 communication remains in effect Communication #2314 – Ice Dance Requirement for Technical Rules Communication #2315 – Ice Dance Requirements for […]

ISU Communication 2270 – Synchronized Skating

The ISU has published an updated communication (2270) related to Synchronized Skating difficulty groups of elements (appendix A) and features and difficulty groups of additional features (appendix B) to take effect immediately. This replaces ISU Communication 2247 and the document indicates all changes by either underlining or crossing out. This is important information for officials […]

ISU Synchronized Skating Technical Communications 2019-2020

The following ISU Communications contain important technical information related to Synchronized Skating competitions. ISU Communication 2236: ISU Well Balanced Program content for 2019-2020 season ISU Communication 2246: ISU Guidelines for 2019-2020 season 2019-2020 Referees, Judges and Technical Panel Deductions 2019-2020 Marking the GOE of Synchronized Skating Elements 2019-2020 Criteria Adjustments to the Grade of Execution […]

ISU Deductions: Who is responsible? Short Dance and Free Dance

The ISU Deductions: Who is responsible? – Short Dance and Free Dance document contains important information related to what official is responsible for application of deductions and bonuses in these disciplines. Additional information related to the officiating of Skate Canada Ice Dance categories can be found in the Skate Canada Ice Dance Technical Requirements Guides.