Summary Qualifying Rules for the 2022-2023 Season

The rules that govern Skate Canada Qualifying Competitions are part of the Competitions Rule (section 2 and sections 5 through 13). These rules will be revised for the new season to support the new competition calendar. The following is a summary of the drafted updates that will be published at the end of June. Summary […]

2022-2023 Synchronized Skating Categories and Ages Revised

As part of the process of aligning the synchronized skating discipline with Skate Canada’s new LTD all categories and ages have undergone a review. Based on the review and recommendations from the Technical Coordinating Committee, Program Development Committee and the Sport Committees’ Synchro Working Group, the following are the categories and age requirements for the […]

Updated Entry Quotas for the 2022 Skate Canada Synchronized Skating Championship

The entry quotas for the 2022 Skate Canada Synchronized Skating Championship were initially communicated on the Skate Canada Notice Board on October 25th, 2022. Following consultation with the sections the quotas have been revised to support participation in the discipline as we rebuild from the impacts of the pandemic.  The revised quotas for the season […]