Revisions to the CanSkate and Regional Coach pathways have now been completed

The following transition chart outlines previous to current pathway requirements.

(This information is for coaches that are already in a coach pathway)

Previous Pathway (before July 1, 2023)Next steps and recommended training
CanSkate Coach In-training**Coaching Foundations
**CanSkate Foundations
Regional Foundations (if interested in coaching STAR)
CanSkate Coach TrainedRegional Foundations (if interested in coaching STAR)
CanSkate Coach Certified Portfolio
CanSkate Coach CertifiedRegional Foundations (if interested in coaching STAR)
Regional Coach In-training**Coaching Foundations
** Regional Foundations
Regional Coach TrainedTwo options for Certification
1 – CanSkate and Regional Coach Hybrid Certified Portfolio
2 – Regional Coach Certified Portfolio
Regional Coach CertifiedProvincial Coach Pathway
** recommended training but not mandatory

For information on the current pathway, please review the following article.

The CanSkate and Regional portfolios have been updated and are now available. We are pleased to offer a Hybrid Portfolio allowing coaches to certify in both CanSkate and Regional contexts. Please click on the link to access all certified portfolios.

A reminder that CanSkate, PowerSkate and Regional Coaches who took the relevant NCCP course prior to December 31, 2020 have until December 31, 2023 to obtain a certified status. If you do not complete your certification by this date, you will not be able to coach at this level until certification has been entered into your Locker.