Skate Canada will be introducing positive changes to encourage new coach participants to access the necessary NCCP training to fulfill the coaching needs of CanSkate and STAR programs across the country. By streamlining the Learn to Skate and Learn to Figure Skate coach pathways, Skate Canada Clubs and Skating Schools will be able to hire a coach who is trained to teach both programs. New coach participants will have access to both pathways simultaneously and can decide which pathway they want to pursue a certification. Here is a summary of the changes.

  • You can register for both the NCCP CanSkate Coach and Regional Coach courses. 
  • You can complete the Regional Coach pathway without requiring a CanSkate Coach certification.  
  • You can complete multisport training at any time while in NCCP pathways. 
  • Skate Canada has aligned the NCCP multisport requirements with CAC Minimum NCCP Standards. 
  • Skate Canada will offer three self-directed eLearning courses for free on foundational content.
  • You can now certify in the preferred NCCP context you want to coach. 
Coach PathwayLaunch MonthNCCP Requirements
CanSkate Coach Pathway
eLearning Courses:
A – Coaching FoundationsAprilPre-Requisite
B – CanSkate FoundationsMayPre-Requisite
In-Person Training:
In-Person 2-day CanSkate Coach CourseJulyIn-Training Status
Multi-sport modules with a PTCR:
– Make Ethical Decisions
– Teaching and Learning
N/ATrained Status
Completed CanSkate Coach Certified PortfolioAugustCertified Status
Regional Coach Pathway
eLearning Courses
A – Coaching FoundationsAprilPre-Requisite
B – CanSkate FoundationsMayPre-Requisite
C – Regional FoundationsJunePre-Requisite
In-Person Training:
In-Person 2-day Regional Coach CourseJulyIn-Training Status
Multi-sport modules with a  PTCR:
– Plan a PracticeN/ATrained Status
Complete the Regional Coach Portfolio or
CanSkate & Regional (Hybrid) Portfolio
AugustCertified Status

* Must complete the multi-sport training in the CanSkate Coach pathway if not already completed. PDF Version of this chart below.

More information in the coming weeks. In the meantime, please contact your Section Course Administrator if you are interested in taking the new in-person courses starting this July. These will fill up fast!