STAR 1-5 Program – Synchronized Skating

Synchronized Skating is one of the five disciplines within the STAR 1-5 program. Each skater in the STAR 1-5 program must receive instruction in all disciplines. The inclusion of Synchronized skating was introduced in the 2020-2021 season. More details can be found  in the Program Requirements and Delivery Standards, as well as the STAR 1-5 Resource Guide.

The benefits of synchronized skating include camaraderie, team work, sense of community and increased confidence. Synchronized skating provides skaters the opportunity to enhance their fundamental skating skills in a fun, inclusive, group/team environment. New to the assessment structure, STAR 2, STAR 3 and STAR 4 Synchro include synchro element assessments. The synchro assessments incorporate individual skater assessment along with group/team assessment criteria.

Including synchronized skating into a STAR 1-5 program can be done with ease.  The elements can be incorporated into any multi-discipline training session.

Training strategies include:

  • Offering Synchro as part of regular group lessons
  • Running a 15-minute Synchro class (all skaters) before a cool down
  • Adding Synchro to a station session
  • Scheduling a Synchro lesson on a shared session or class (ex: Sr Spin class, Jr. Synchro lesson)
  • Rotating the focus of regularly scheduled class time
    • Example:  Mondays 4:00 – 4:15 pm:
      • Week 1 – Power Class
      • Week 2 – Creative Movement
      • Week 3 – Synchro
      • Week 4 – Edges & Turns

Looking for tips on how to teach synchro elements? Check out the tutorials on the Skating Development Video Library.