NEW NCCP Coaching Foundations eLearning Course – Now Available

We are pleased to launch Coaching Foundations, the first of three NCCP eLearning courses required for the revised CanSkate Coach and Regional Coach pathways. This free training is available on the Skate Canada eLearning site and must be done prior to completing the CanSkate Foundations eLearning course which will be available in May. This training is also educational for anyone that may be interested in completing this course for professional development purposes.

As we continue to introduce positive changes, we encourage coach participants to continue the current CanSkate Coach and Regional Coach pathway requirements until the revised pathways are fully implemented.

As communicated on March 31, here are the NCCP project timelines.

  • Part A: Coaching Foundations – April
  • Part B: CanSkate Foundations – May
  • Part C: Regional Foundations – June
  • Revised in-person CanSkate Coach and Regional Coach courses – July
  • Revised certification portfolios – August
  • Option 1: Certified CanSkate Coach
  • Option 2: Certified Regional Coach
  • Option 3 (hybrid): Certified CanSkate and Regional Coach

Refreshed NCCP Coach Pathways:

The Coaching Team also refreshed the following pathways and aligned the multisport requirement for trained statuses to CAC’s minimum NCCP standards.