CanSkate 2022-2023 Season Reminders and Updates

The CanSkate Resource Guide (manual) is in the process of being updated. The refresh will include updated circuits and lesson plans, increased safety focus, updated language, updated delivery standards etc. This update is targeted to be ready for the 2023-2024 season. As further information becomes available this will be communicated to all stakeholders.

The following are reminders and updates for the 2022-2023 season:

Stations (Fundamental areas):

Updated Station signs available in the Materials Catalogue. (

The FunZone station has been replaced with the Challenge Zone. This change was made to encourage coaches to challenge the skaters while including fun, but not necessarily be a “game” every day. The Challenge Zone is to be included with one of the three Fundamental areas with the recommendation being that it be included with the Control Station. The rationale for this is that Control focuses on backward skating and stopping, which some skaters find more difficult. Having the Challenge zone added to Control allows the coach to provide challenging activities to the circuit that aren’t necessarily based on the Control elements.

Each station is to utilize 1/3 of the ice surface.

For optimal ice usage it is recommended that Balance and Control stations be at either end of the ice and Agility be in the center of the ice. Placing Balance and Control at either end of the ice allows for the easy use of the hockey circles for crosscuts etc. If the hockey circle is too large for some skaters, the coach can make an additional inner circle for those skaters to follow. Utilizing the full hockey circle encouraged the development of power and stride.


To enhance the development of the skater, circuits should utilize lanes to allow for several skaters or a variety of levels to efficiently use the same circuit. Coaches must maintain and adjust their circuits to level of skater they are teaching. This could include lanes, redrawing an element etc. 

To ensure quality skill development of all skaters, coaches are to assist and teach skater individually as they progress through the circuit. In order to provide the best instruction to the skater the coach should position themselves on the circuit at the teaching point or focus of the lesson.

Updated resources:

  • Element Description and Requirements (Coaches must use this document when assessing skaters)
  • CanSkate Progress Report (Clubs/schools must provide this to skaters at least once a season)
  • CanSkate Group progress sheets
  • CanSkate Name Tag template