2022-2023 Registration Information for Clubs, Schools and Coaches

2022-2023 Registration opened August 17!


Starting August 17, 2022, log into the Membership Site and click on “Coaching”, which will be your Coach Dashboard.  To be considered as a coach in good standing, you must confirm that all expiry dates show a date in the future and that the NCCP status is valid.  If this is not the case, you must submit any non-compliant requirements.  All the requirements must be met to be considered “In Good Standing”. 

Skate Canada Clubs and Schools:
The 2022-2023 registration season is now open and can be accessed through the Membership Site and the “Org Management” tab. There are some changes to this year’s registration process so be sure to read the instructions on the pages of the registration portal carefully and follow all the instructions as some processes have changed. Changes are noted in a red box and start with “New for 2022/2023…”. Please click on all these boxes and read all of these instructions to become familiar with the updates.
The most important change is that you will no longer start by selecting an Activity List, but rather you will start by creating your Organization Location(s) under Org Management > Organization Locations.  After you have created your arena location(s) you will be able to create your 2022/2023 activity lists and enroll registrants. The “Enroll Registrants” page has been renamed “Manage Programs and Registrations”.

To ensure you categorize registrants accurately, be sure to review the changes to activity lists descriptions for on-ice aides, adult, Special Olympic Athlete/Adaptive Skater, Podium Pathway (formerly “CompetitiveSkate”) and Synchronized Skating.

Remember you can also access the Club and Skating School Operations Guide in the Info Centre for other useful registration and operation information. 

Finally, before you begin your registration process, we recommend watching this brief tutorial explaining the changes to the Registration Portal.  

Have a great 2022-2023 skating season!