2022-2023 Season Updates to the Podium Pathway Singles, Pairs and Ice Dance Program Requirements

This a summary of the changes to the Podium Pathway Singles, Pairs and Ice Dance Program Requirements for the 2022-2023 season. This is not a comprehensive summary of all changes. Please refer to the recently posted Quick Reference Guides and upcoming Program Requirements Guides for all changes.

These changes aim to continue supporting the benchmarks included in the Podium Pathway of the Skate Canada LTD.


Pre-Juvenile and Juvenile Jump Elements: The jump requirements in both have been simplified. Skaters may only repeat one jump type. Jumps with a different number of revolutions are considered the same jump type (e.g. 1T and 2T are the same jump type). The requirement for one combination to include a toe loop as the second jump and the other to include a loop has been removed.

Juvenile Step Sequence: To encourage the development of turns and steps, skaters may now achieve a step sequence level 1. This can only be achieved through difficult steps and turns.

Pre-Novice and Novice Women Short Program: To encourage the development of the layback and camel positions, the option of a sit spin as the solo spin has been removed.

Pre-Novice Women and Men Free Program: One jump combination may now include three jumps.

Bonuses: Please consult the quick reference guide for the full list of bonuses and their values. Note that:

  • Jumps that receive an edge call (e) will no longer receive a bonus
  • Pre-Novice: Only one double Axel per program will receive a bonus


The Pre-Juvenile Pair category has been removed. It was determined that this category is rarely used and skaters at this stage are focusing on development of individual skating and introduction of pair elements in isolation.

Ice Dance

The pattern dances for Pre-Juvenile to Novice have been updated to the 2022-2023 season. Once information on the Rhythms for the Junior and Senior Rhythm Dances is published by the ISU it will be added to the quick reference guide.

The Pre-Juvenile Free Dance has been removed. Pre-Juvenile will consist of Pattern Dance only. This will allow skaters to focus on the development of foundational skating skills and introduction of partnering skills.

Program Components

The Program Component factors for all disciplines and categories are being reviewed. The objective is to balance the Technical Elements Score and the Program Component Score. The relative weights between components are also being examined to focus on the development of foundational skating skills early in the pathway.