Synchronized Skating Clarifications

  1. ISU Additional Questions & Answers #2 is now available. Note that the Skate Canada Scoring software has not been updated to incorporate the “!” for Features and Additional Features not executed at the same time due to a choreographic error. For the 2021-2022 season, in the case where the reduction by judges is to be taken when features are not done at the same time, if the technical panel considers this to be the result of a choreographic error, the Technical Controller is to verbally inform the Referee who will in turn inform the judging panel.
  2. Please note that the section Adverse Conditions occurring During the Warm-up of Competitions 3.11 (ISU Rule 965 paragraph 7) does not apply to synchronized skating. Referees should follow section Adverse Condition Prior to the Beginning of the Program with Allowance for up to Three Minutes of the same rule (ISU Rule 965 paragraph 6. a) & b)).
  3. If a skater is unable to participate at a competition for any reason related to COVID-19, teams should follow the process outlined in Synchronized Skating Process for Medical Exemptions at Domestic Competitions. In this case, documentation from a medical doctor is not required.