Pairs: Group 1 Lift

The Pairs Technical Requirement Guide and Quick Reference Guide have been updated to reflect the revised ISU definition of a Group 1 Lift.

Group 1 Lift – New hold variations allowed: Lift where Lady’s head remains up and she is lower than the man’s shoulder. Possible grips are Hand to Armpit, Hand to Arm, Hand to Waist or Hand to Hand.

As the new hold variations for Group 1 Lifts include those from the Skate Canada Non Overhead Juvenile Lift all lifts meeting this definition will be identified as Group 1 Lifts.

As this change affects Pre-Novice teams planning on attempting a Non Overhead Juvenile Lift and a Group 1 Lift in the Free, Pre-Novice teams may include two Group 1 Lifts.

Pair Quick Reference Guide
Pair Technical Requirement Guide