STAR 1-5 Update

The following provides an update for the STAR 1-5 program and STAR 1-5 Coach Assessor Training.

STAR 1-5 Program Update

The STAR 1-5 program has been updated to include the disciplines of Synchronized Skating (Synchro) and Artistic. A STAR 1-5 Guide has been created on the Info Centre for easy access to all materials and resources supporting this program. This includes the following:

  • A consolidated STAR 1-5 Resource Guide for programming information, (November 30th)
    • Note: This resource is currently in draft form and will be updated with the new look shortly. All content remains the same during this transition.
  • New STAR 1-5 Mini Reward Certificates
    • These incentives are suggested to be printed on card stock. Two versions are available to allow coaches, clubs and skating schools to customize digitally or write details by hand.
  • Updated assessment sheets (including Synchro and Artistic)
    • Note: The Assessment Guide for Synchro and Artistic are located on the Assessment Guide
  • Updated requirements and delivery standards

Revised STAR 1-5 Coach Assessor Training Available November 30th

The revised training for coach assessors at the STAR 1-5 level will be available on our eLearning site as of November 30th and will be titled:

  • STAR 1 – 5 Coach Assessor Training

The revisions included in this training include:

  • The addition of Synchro and Artistic assessments
  • Alignment to the current STAR 6-Gold assessment criteria and process
  • A more user-friendly training experience
  • Improved assessment sheets that include more information

Please note: The STAR 1-5 assessment content has increased to include 3 levels of Synchro assessments and 1 level of Artistic assessment.  

All coaches who have previously completed the STAR 1 – 5 Coach Assessor Training will maintain their achievement in their Membership profile. Re-training is not mandatory but is highly recommended as many areas have been revised and content has been added. Coaches who wish to assess at the STAR 1 – 5 level must have completed the STAR 1 – 5 Coach Assessor Training and be verified by their Assessment Coordinator.

Resources: Each of the Assessment Resource Guides contain information for STAR 1 – 5 assessments and include the addition of a Synchro: Assessment Resource Guide.  Please see the Assessment Guide on the Info Centre for easy access to these resources and more.