Update on COVID-19 First Aid Extension

To accommodate the various phased-in approaches across the country, Skate Canada is providing a further extension for coaches to update their first aid requirements. Coaches whose first aid certificates expired during COVID-19 (after March 2020) will have an extension period until January 1, 2021 to update Skate Canada with a valid first aid certificate. Extension dates will be visible in the Membership Site through the Coach Dashboard by clicking View/Update First Aid Records under the First Aid section.

Note: This extension is to satisfy Skate Canada’s in good standing requirement only. We encourage coaches to connect with their first aid providers on the parameters they have set regarding re-certification and to re-certify as soon as possible.

As a reminder, Skate Canada’s first aid requirements can be found here. Please note:

  • Skate Canada requires the practical evaluation to be completed in person.
  • First aid courses that are done solely online are not accepted.
  • Blended learning opportunities (theory online and evaluation in person) are accepted.

Once re-certified, remember to send your certificate to [email protected]

New coaches registering with Skate Canada for the first time or coaches who are re-registering with us after some time away from the sport, will be required to provide a newly expired first aid certificate (expiring after March 2020) to be eligible for this extension. If a coach is registering who has not been recently trained in first aid, they must attend a first aid course before registering as a coach in good standing with Skate Canada.