Provincial Coach Update

The Provincial Coach pathway will be the next and last context to be updated in Skate Canada’s National Coaching Certification Program. Revisions will begin summer 2019 with implementation in spring/summer 2020. If you are currently in the Provincial Coach pathway or are interested in starting this level of NCCP, we encourage you to see and follow the recommendations below:

Scenario #1: A coach is currently in the process of completing the Provincial Coach pathway and has completed some Provincial Coach courses:

  • If you have completed one or more of the Provincial Coach courses, please complete the workbook assigned to the course. Coaches will only receive credit for a Provincial course when the workbook is completed successfully.

Scenario #2: A coach has completed ALL the Provincial Coach courses AND has completed all of the workbooks:

  • You should have a Provincial Coach Trained status in the Locker.
  • Next step: Complete the certification process. This can be by completing the current certification portfolio or by completing the new certification when it is launched. There is no certification deadline for the Provincial Coach pathway.

Please note, the following chart indicates the status you will receive in The Locker in regard to what you have completed (completed = course + workbook).

Provincial Coach In-training Sport Science
Stroking and Skating Skills  
Provincial Coach Trained

Sport Science
Stroking and Skating Skills
Ice Dance

Scenario #3: A coach has not started the Provincial Coach Pathway

It is recommended that this coach begin acquiring the credits needed for the new pathway to increase efficiency. The new pathway is as follows:

In-training Trained Certified
Provincial Coach
Course (2-3 days)
Multi-sport Modules

Evaluation Portfolio

The Provincial Coach course is slated to be ready in the spring of 2020. Coaches are encouraged to start acquiring the multi-sport modules required for a Trained status.  These are:

  • Design a Basic Sport Program
  • Basic Mental Skills
  • Advanced Practice Planning
  • Nutrition
  • Prevention and Recovery
  • Psychology of Performance
  • Developing Athletic Abilities

Please go to find these courses through your Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representitves.

Next step: Continue to complete the multi-sport modules listed above and register for the updated Provincial Coach course when available.

*Note: If coaches need a Provincial Coach status for accreditation at an event, a provision for this year only (2019-2020), will allow coaches with all multi-sport modules listed above to be accredited as long as they are Regional Coach certified (see below).

Provincial Coach Accreditation for Skate Canada Qualifying Events

For the 2019-2020 competitive season (only), the following will be accepted for accreditation as a Provincial Coach (with a pre-novice skater or team)

NCCP Status in the Locker:

  • Provincial Coach In-training
  • Provincial Coach Trained
  • Provincial Coach Certified
  • Regional Coach Certified status AND completion of the required multi-sport modules in the new Provincial Coach trained step (see *note above)