Officials Assignment and Promotion Committee – Canadian Exam Applications

The Officials Assignment and Promotion Committee (OAP) is making changes to the process in which Canadian exam candidates are selected for promotion. Beginning this year, there will no longer be an application process for Canadian promotions. The OAP will move to a selection-based approach.

The reasoning behind this is three-fold; allowing better management of activity requirements; selections based on skills set; and succession planning. As such, the new process is as follows:

  • Between February-April of each calendar year, candidates will be selected by the OAP to write their Canadian level exam
  • Candidates will then follow the typical exam process and take their exam at Canadians in January of the next year

For Example: February 2019, Joe Smith is selected for a Canadian judge exam; January 2020 Joe completes the exam process at Canadians; Spring 2020 Joe is notified of his results.

The OAP and National Service Centre staff have the authority to change the timelines at any given point, as well as make exceptions to the process.

The selection process will be made based on the following:

  • technical competency
  • leadership skills
  • soft skills
  • ability to advance to International level of officiating
  • organizational needs of Skate Canada

Each year Skate Canada will circulate a survey to Challenge level officials seeking their input on their officiating goals and objectives to allow officials to express interest in their goals. Any questions regarding the process or selections should be directed to the Skate Canada High Performance Manager, Laura Baker, at [email protected].