Assigning GOE for Repeated Jump in a Short Program

A reminder to judges when assigning the GOE for jumps in the short program:

There are 2 situations for which a repeated jump is allowed in a short program

  1. a double axel in the Pre-Novice category
  2. same jump in a combination for all categories (e.g. 2Lo+2Lo, 3T+3T)

In all other situations, if a solo jump is repeated in the jump combination, the GOE must be -5 as per the guidelines for establishing GOE for errors.

SP: Jump element not according to requirements final GOE must be -5

Example: Skater executes
The GOE for the 3T*+2T must be -5

The 3T in the jump combo will have no value. The 2T will still receive points which is why it is important to assign the mandatory -5.

If the same jumps are executed in a different order, the GOE for the jump combination does not need to be -5.

Example: Skater executes
In this case, the GOE for the 3T* must be -5 (the jump will have no value regardless of the GOE).

The same rules apply to STAR 7 & 9 Short Programs

Example 1: Skater executes
2Lo*                GOE must be -5

Example 2: Skater executes
2Lz+2T*           GOE must be -5

It is important for judges to watch the computer screen for the “*” with any jump as this is a confirmation that the jump is “not according to requirements”, is invalidated and therefore receives a mandatory -5 GOE.