Training on Expanded GOE Scale – Synchronized Skating

The International Skating Union (ISU) has expand the Grade of Execution (GOE) from a 7 point scale (+3 to -3) to an 11 point scale (+5 to -5). Skate Canada has implemented the new expanded scale across all disciplines and levels starting July 1st, 2018. Training is available to all Skate Canada stakeholders, particularly judges and coaches, through the Skate Canada Education and Training Academy site (eLearning site) *.

The following outlines the training opportunities for synchronized skating.

Skate Canada Training

    1. Marking Guidelines +5 -5 GOE Scale – eLearning module is currently available through Skate Canada eLearning site. These eLearning modules will introduce the changes to the GOE scale and the guidelines.
    2.  +5 -5 GOE Webinar – is currently available through Skate Canada eLearning site.
    3. In Person Sessions – depending on the competitions there may be in person sessions that provide an opportunity for further training, to ask questions and for discussion on the changes.

Other Training Opportunities

ISU Webinars – The ISU has be released webinars for each discipline (Singles & Pairs, Ice Dance and Synchronized Skating). More information is be available on their website.

More Information

Judges are required to complete the training prior to officiating their first competition of the season. Please consult with your section regarding any further training opportunities or requirements.

*The Skate Canada Education and Training Academy site can be accessed through the Skate Canada Membership Site under eLearning in the top navigation. You will only be able to access the eLearning site when signed into the site. If you have any difficulties with signing in, please contact [email protected].