STAR – Free Skate Program Tests

With the expanded +5 to -5 GOE range recently implemented in competition, there is a corresponding impact on the current Free Skate Program tests for the Sr. Bronze to Gold levels. Current test sheets reflect the previous +3 to -3 range and their equivalency to the Evaluated Standards of Excellent, Good, Satisfactory, and Needs Improvement as illustrated below.









For the 2018/2019 skating season, Evaluators are to use the revised equivalency chart between the GOE range to the Evaluated Standards during test sessions when evaluating Free Skate Program tests:

Evaluated Standard Excellent
Needs Improvement (NI)
Previous +3 / -3 GOE Range +1 to +3 0 -1 -2 to -3
Revised +5 / -5 GOE Range +2 to +5 0 to +1 -1 to -2 -3 to -5

It is important to note that the current test sheets will not be revised and republished. As this is the last season for the current test structure before the revised STAR 6 to Gold test content is implemented in September 2019, it is not an efficient use of time or resources to revise all Free Skate Program test sheets for clubs and skating schools to reprint and use for one year. As such, it is important that all Evaluators are shared this information so they may refer to and use the revised chart when evaluating Free Skate Program tests.