2024-2025 Season Podium Pathway Quick Reference Guide Updates (Singles/Pairs/Ice Dance)

The 2024-2025 Quick Reference Guides for Singles, Pairs, and Ice Dance are now available. Given potential changes to program requirements due to the 2024 ISU Congress, the Junior and Senior Program Requirements are not included at this time. More information will on the potential changes will be communicated as it becomes available from the ISU.

Pairs: Juvenile Twist Lift

To aid in development while promoting safety, a Juvenile Twist Lift has been added as an option for the Twist element to Juvenile, Pre-Novice, and Novice. Details on this element are included in the Pairs Quick Reference Guide. Video Examples (more to added a later date)

Podium Pathway Solo Ice Dance Categories

Novice, Junior, and Senior Solo Ice Dance will be introduced domestically next season and are included in the Ice Dance Quick Reference Guide. They will follow the ISU’s requirements for Advanced Novice, Junior, and Senior Solo Ice Dance.
These categories will not be part of the qualifying pathway in the 2024-2025 season.