STAR 2023-2024 Season Updates and Reminders 

Program Components:  

The STAR 1- 4 Events and STAR 1-Gold Assessments are up to date with current Program Component verbiage and criteria. All resources for events and assessments reflect the updates. STAR 1-7 will be assessed using Presentation and Skating Skills program components, while STAR 8-Gold will have all three program components assessed.  

STAR 2 Events and Assessments: 

There has been a change to the STAR 2 criteria structure in both assessments and events. The criteria for STAR 2 are now found in the Silver (meets the standard) column. This is a change from having verbiage in Bronze and Gold. The feedback gathered was that the difference between the two was minimal and the verbiage of STAR 1 Silver meets the expectations of STAR 2.  

There has been a slight change in the verbiage to the “landing” criteria for jumps at the STAR 1 and STAR 2 level. The change in verbiage was to align with the other criteria at the same level.  


  • STAR 7-Gold Dance:   
  • The inclusion of “unison” was added to the Carriage/Clarity criteria of dance at the higher levels.  
  • Gold Skills assessment reminder:  
  • The challenge exercise must be performed. This update was as of July 1, 2022. On the assessment day, there must be a draw from the STAR 6-10 exercise patterns to determine which exercise will be performed.  
  • Synchronized Skating:  
  • Assessments for STAR 2, STAR 3 and STAR 4 synchronized skating are now available. Note: A skater must have completed STAR 1 Skills prior to participating in a synchronized skating assessment 


With the update from five program components to three there are some changes in what is scored in two STAR 1-4 categories. Showcase and Creative Improv Level 1 & 2 will be assessed with Presentation and Skating Skills 1 and Skating Skills 2. The program component of Skating Skills is further divided into two criteria. Further information can be found in the STAR 1-4 Event Standards for Assessment Guide. 

  • Synchronized Skating: 
  • Skaters MUST have completed the STAR 1 Skills assessment prior to participating in a STAR 3 or STAR 4 synchronized skating assessment.