NCCP CanPowerSkate Certified Evaluation Portfolio and CanPowerSkate Challenge Option

The CanPowerSkate Certified Evaluation Portfolio is now available through the eLearning site.  The following coaches may enroll in this course to achieve their CanPowerSkate Certified Coach status:

  • NCCP pathway: Coaches who have taken the new NCCP CanPowerSkate Course and have completed the required multi-sport modules.
  • Challenge option: Coaches who hold a Skate Canada CanPowerSkate Coach status and who have taken the CanPowerSkate Update eLearning module.

Coaches are asked to only enroll for certification when they are able to complete the certified Portfolio within a timely manor (ideally within two months of enrolling).

To enroll, coaches will be prompted to submit a non-refundable $105 evaluation fee. They will then be prompted to fill out the Pre-brief Request form prior to gaining access to the portfolio requirements.

During the pre-brief, the assigned Evaluator will provide guidance on the completion of all requirements within the portfolio. For more information on this process, visit the CanPowerSkate Pathway.

If you are eligible and ready to complete the CanPowerSkate Certification, you can enroll here.