STAR 6-Gold Training Outline for Existing Evaluators and Coach Assessors

Training requirements for Artistic evaluators have changed; see the updated post for further information.

In conjunction with the implementation of STAR 6-Gold, training requirements on the new content and standards have been outlined for existing evaluators and coach assessors (Skills). Training requirements based on current qualifications are outlined below.

Following the successful completion of the training requirements and application for promotion outlined above, evaluators and coach assessors will be qualified to assess all levels of assessment in the STAR 6-Gold discipline. All completed training will be tracked in the candidate’s profile.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the online training?

The online training will consist of the following courses and will be released in the order below beginning late spring:

  • STAR 6-Gold Training: Introduction
  • STAR 6-Gold Training: Skills
  • STAR 6-Gold Training: Artistic
  • STAR 6-Gold Training: Freeskate
  • STAR 6-Gold Training: Dance

The online training will be available to all coaches and officials. The online training will also be used as part of the education pathway for new evaluators.

Do the training requirements need to be completed before September 1st, 2019?

No. New qualifications will need to be obtained prior to assessing.

What STAR 6-Gold resources are available?

An Assessment Guide will be available on the Info Centre in May. It will contain the links to all the resources needed for STAR 6 – Gold including:

  • STAR 6 – Gold Resource Guide (Materials Catalogue)
  • STAR 6 -Gold Standards Videos (Skating Development Video Library)
  • STAR 6- Gold Assessment Sheets (Materials Catalogue)
  • Dance Patterns (Materials Catalogue)
  • And more…

When can I start the training?

As soon as a course has been released. It is recommended that you have read the associated resource material prior to beginning a course. The release of the courses will be communicated via the Skate Canada Inside Edge and you can also check for new courses under the “New Courses” tab of the eLearning site.

Will there be in-person training?

In-person training may be offered by sections to enhance the online delivery. In-person training is not a Skate Canada requirement for application of the new promotion.

Will I need to re-apply for my promotion?

Yes. All existing evaluators will need to apply to their section officials committee to have their qualifications updated.

What are the training requirements for current Primary evaluators?

Training will be determined on a case by case basis, please contact your section for further information.

What are the training requirements to assess diamond dance?

Diamond dances will remain status quo, no training will be required at this time.

Do I have to complete the STAR 1-5 Assessor Training to be a STAR 6-Gold coach assessor?

Yes. Coaches who choose to apply to be a coach assessor for Skills will need to have completed the STAR 1-5 assessor training prior to the trainings identified in the chart above.

What is the Mentored Assessment?

Similar to the previous “supervised evaluation”, the mentored assessment will take place during an assessment and be completed under the supervision of a mentor. The mentor and evaluator/coach assessor will then debrief and create an action plan as needed. Successful evaluators/coach assessors will then be able to apply for their qualified status in the discipline.

When will I be able to complete my mentored assessment?

Sections are working towards a plan and timeline. Stay tuned for your section’s communications.

How do I get assigned a mentor?

Mentors will be identified within each section. Sections will communicate the process once established.

What levels can a qualified evaluator/coach assessor assess?

Qualified evaluators can assess from STAR 6 up to and including the Gold level in the discipline. Qualified coach assessors can assess from STAR 6 up to and including the Gold level in the discipline of Skills only.

What if an evaluator does not feel comfortable evaluating up to the Gold level?

Once qualified, an evaluator may self-declare up to the level they are comfortable. Through continuing development (e.g. online or in person practice; co-evaluation) the evaluator may continue to work towards assessing the higher levels. The evaluator must co-evaluate at least one assessment at the level before removing the declaration. If they choose, qualified evaluators should self-declare to their section upon receiving their promotion.

What about new evaluators?

A new pathway has been developed for those who would like to be trained as a new evaluator. Stay tuned for information on the New Evaluator Training Pathway.