Adaptive Skaters Update February 2019

Who are adaptive skaters?

Adaptive skaters are the athletes participating in our programs and events who have a physical disability or ailment.

Through collaboration with individuals in the medical field, Skate Canada has now developed a list of disabilities and/or ailments which will assist you in determining if an athlete could be considered an “adaptive skater”. Check out the What can be classified document below for more information.

How do adaptive skaters fit within Skate Canada’s programs and events?


All adaptive skaters are welcome in any of our Skate Canada programs. Modified delivery options have been identified and made available to clubs in a document titled Modified Delivery Options, located in our Materials catalogue in our Membership site.


Skate Canada is working towards an adaptive skating event system where skaters scores will be factored and added to their original event score based on a classification system. In pursuit of this, Skate Canada hosted an Adaptive Classifier Training in July 2018 that trained individuals within the medical field on the proposed classifying structure. The classifiers will take each skater through a physical examination which focused on his or her mobility and body function prior to performing. Based on this examination and the appropriate medical forms provided, a Whole Person Impairment (WPI) score is awarded. This score is then added to the skater’s total event score awarded during the competition.

As a leader in the world of skaters with disabilities, Skate Canada hopes these new developments will further increase the awareness and opportunities for adaptive skaters.