CanPowerSkate Coach Update (NCCP)

CanPowerSkate is a Skate Canada program that has catered to the hockey and ringette market since 1986. From 1986 – 2017 the CanPowerSkate Coach Pathway was recognized and affiliated through Skate Canada only. The previous CanPowerSkate course was not recognized by the Coaching Association of Canada’s (CAC), National Coach Certification Program (NCCP). With the recent revision of the CanPowerSkate program (2018) and the coach training/evaluation that accompanies it, we are excited to announce that we are taking the steps for the CanPowerSkate coach pathway to be recognized in the NCCP.

Through partnership with the CAC, establishing CanPowerSkate in the NCCP will ensure the following:

  • All Skate Canada programs are taught by NCCP In-training, Trained or Certified Coaches
  • Allows coaches to be developed and evaluated in their role through a Certification process
  • Integrity is added to the CanPowerSkate programming and the CanPowerSkate coach profession
  • Earns an NCCP status in the Locker and is nationally recognized and visible among all National Sport Organizations (including Hockey Canada, Ringette Canada, and the CAC)

The new CanPowerSkate pathway will follow the same structure as other Skate Canada NCCP pathways.  With In-training, Trained, and Certified steps, coaches will be supported in both program delivery and coach development. All coach achievements in CanPowerSkate will be recorded and tracked in the Locker.

As Skate Canada strategically plans for the next quadrennial, coaches delivering the CanPowerSkate program beyond September 1, 2022 must have a status in the new NCCP CanPowerSkate pathway or challenge the NCCP CanPowerSkate evaluation for equivalency.

Opportunity for existing CanPowerSkate Coaches to transition to the NCCP

  1. Complete the CanPowerSkate Program Update eLearning Module (when available)
  2. One of the following options
    1. Challenge NCCP Evaluation: Coaches who can show proof of completion of the old CanPowerSkate Course in addition to the CanPowerSkate Program Update eLearning Module are eligible to challenge the NCCP Certification of the new CanPowerSkate Pathway by completing the Evaluation Portfolio by September 1, 2022. In person or video options may be available depending on location. Please watch for further communication and instruction on how to challenge the evaluation.
    2. CanPowerSkate NCCP Pathway: Coaches may attend an NCCP CanPowerSkate course to earn an In-training status and complete the necessary steps for Trained and Certified status within 3-years of attending the In-Training course. Please watch for a course being offered in your Section.

For more information on the new NCCP CanPowerSkate Pathway click here.


Clubs/skating schools wishing to offer pre-power type program may do so through the Modified Delivery Options available in our CanSkate program. More information will be available on this through the coming months.

Coaches teaching this program will need to be qualified in the CanSkate program.

Timeline for the delivery of the revised CanPowerSkate program and coach qualification:

2018-2019 Season: Clubs/Skating schools may choose to offer new or old CPS program

September 2019: Full implementation of the revised CanPowerSkate program, all clubs must run the revised program

September 2018 – August 2022 Season: Available for clubs/skating schools to run provided they have a coach who has completed the NCCP course and/or existing coach who has completed the CanPowerSkate Program Update eLearning module.

September 2022: All coaches coaching the CanPowerSkate Program must have an NCCP CanPowerSkate status (In-training, Trained or certified)