Provincial Coach Update – November 2021

The following is a brief description and the updated projected timeline of availability for the Provincial Coach pathway components:


Pre-Course Modules:

  • The pre-course modules will consist of technical content in the form of videos from established coaches on identified elements within the Train-to-Train stage of development. Candidates will work through the videos and record various pieces of information in a workbook that will accompany this course.

Virtually facilitated courses:

  • These courses will be offered in a virtual format with a maximum of 12 participants per course. As they are virtual, it is possible for courses to host candidates from several provinces. Sections will advertise opportunities to register for these courses as they become available. Candidates will be required to bring their workbook from the pre-course to this course as it will be used throughout.

In-Person Cross-Discipline Foundational Training course:

  • This course is the culminating activity for the information gathered during the pre-courses and virtually facilitated courses. Coaches will be required to prepare work/presentations to bring with them to this course.

Evaluation Portfolio:

  • When candidates are ready to complete the certification requirements for this level of coaching, they will register for the Provincial Coach Evaluation Portfolio in our eLearning site. A coach evaluator will be assigned to each candidate and a pre-brief will be scheduled to review all the requirements, answer any questions, and provide tips for a successful completion. Candidates will then complete the necessary requirements and upload them to their profile. The coach evaluator will then debrief the candidate and create an action plan collaboratively.


  • Pre-course module for Singles – Currently available in eLearning
  • Pre-course module for Pairs – Currently available in eLearning

January 2022:

  • Virtually facilitated Singles course
  • Virtually facilitated Pairs course
  • Certified Evaluation Portfolio Submissions

Spring 2022:

  • Pre-course module for Dance
  • Pre-course module for Synchro

Spring/Summer 2022:

  • Virtually facilitated Dance course
  • Virtually facilitated Synchro course

Summer 2022:

  • Cross-Discipline Foundational Training course (in person)

As the demand for these courses will be high, many opportunities will be made available in the first year. Please watch for continued communication through your section for more details.  

For more information, please see the NCCP Provincial Coach Update – October 2020

NCCP Provincial Coach Update October 2020 – Notice Board (

Note that coaches may continue to accumulate the multi-sport modules identified in the Trained status of the pathway while waiting for the In-Training opportunities to become available.

To access the most current version of the Provincial Coach Pathway, visit the Coach Guide on Info Centre.