CanSkate Coach Update

The CanSkate Coach pathway has been refreshed to follow the new pathway structure as per the NCCP Streamline initiative that was communicated last November. A new refreshed CanSkate Coach course is now being delivered as of March 2019.

As we transition out of the old CanSkate Pathway, coaches who took the course prior to February 2019 (including the March 3-5 2019 course in Quebec, the March 6-8 course in Quebec and the March 18-20 in British Columbia) and still have an In-training status are eligible to complete the “Trained Portfolio” until January 1, 2020 (provided the coach is still within their three-year certification deadline). Completion of the Trained Portfolio will earn a CanSkate Certified status.

After January 1, 2020, coaches who are still within their three-year certification deadline will be able to certify by completing the new certification process through the eLearning site.

Please direct any questions you may have to Kaitlan Cook ([email protected])