STAR 6-Gold: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is the date for full implementation?
    • STAR 6-Gold assessment implementation is September 1, 2019. From this date forward, the previous Senior Bronze through Gold tests will no longer be available.
  2. When will resources for coaches and officials be available?
    • Resources are being finalized and will be posted to Info Centre and communicated to stakeholders as they become available. The anticipated timeframe for documents and online modules to be released is spring/summer 2019.
  3. Where can resources for the revised content and assessments be found online?
    • Resources will be available on the Notice Board, Info Centre and the Education and Learning Academy. Currently the content overview is on the Notice Board and there are eLearning modules available, including: STAR 6-Gold Skills Sneak Peek, that provides all the skills exercises within the revised STAR 6-Gold levels.
  4. Is there an equivalency chart?
    • Yes. The equivalency chart has been created and is under review. Once the chart has been approved it will be communicated to stakeholders and posted to the Info Centre. Generally, a skater having passed Senior Bronze will start at STAR 7, passed Junior Silver will start at STAR 9, passed Senior Silver will start at Gold. There may be some exceptions. It is important for coaches and skaters to understand the equivalency chart to know where they are to continue their training from when the new STAR 6-Gold revisions are implemented.
  5. Are skaters expected to pass every dance to attain a Gold certificate in STAR 6-Gold?
    • Yes, skaters will be required to pass every dance, including the Gold Rhythm Dance in order to receive their Gold certificate in Dance.
  6. Who will be assessing the skaters in the various disciplines?
    • All disciplines in STAR 6-Gold will be assessed by evaluators. One exception is for Skills which has the option of being coach or evaluator assessed. If the coach is assessing, they may only assess their own skaters and must have completed the appropriate training in advance of assessing the skater. Note: Coaches and officials will receive the same training.
  7. How will the standards be communicated?
    • The standards are set nationally. There is a written standard and description for each skill that is to be assessed. Every skill for each discipline has been captured on video at standard, below standard and above standard to help guide coaches and evaluators through the expectations required for discipline and level of assessment. Note: Videos can be found on YouTube on the Skating Development Video Library channel.
  8. Is Interpretive being removed from the STAR program and event structure?
    • No. Interpretive will become Artistic skating under the STAR 6-Gold revisions. The Artistic programs will contain required elements that the evaluators will be assessing in addition to eh skater’s ability to interpret music through movement over the ice. The Artistic program assessment begins at STAR 5 as coach assessed and continues through the program with STAR 7, STAR 9 and Gold as evaluator assessed.
  9. Is it true that skaters must wear black for Artistic assessments and events?
    • Yes. In order for the focus to be on the skater’s movement and musicality they will be required to wear simple black attire. This could include items such as black leggings with or without a skirt and a tank top, a black bodysuit, black pants and t-shirt, simple black dress etc. It is important that the chosen attire be simple in nature (i.e. no excessive beading or sequins, no theatrical make-up etc.)
  10. Will the requirements for events align with the assessments?
    • STAR 6-Gold freeskate programs assessment will have the same content and follow the well balanced program criteria of the event. The STAR 6-Gold program content for assessments will be the current years’ competition program requirements.